31 December 2015

Beach books 2015

Beach Books 2015

1. Stardust, Neil Gaiman

2. Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl, Belle de Jour

3. Thinking about it only makes it worse, David Mitchell

4. The Floating Brothel, Sián Rees

5. Happiness by Design, Paul Dolan

6. Fate is the Hunter, Ernest K Gann

7. Blood Sisters: The Women behind the Wars of the Roses, Sarah Gristwood

8. The Rise of Political Lying, Peter Oborne

9. The Signal and the noise, Nate Silver

10. The Redbreast (Oslo Trilogy 1), Jo Nesbo

11. Nemesis (Oslo Trilogy 2), Jo Nesbo

12. The Devil's Star (Oslo Trilogy 3), Jo Nesbo

13. Alan Turing: the Enigma, Andrew Hodges

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