14 January 2013

Good job

The New Year's Honours List is always a topic for controversy, and the 2013 edition was just the same. Some people argued that Paralympians weren't honoured to the same degree as Olympians, some people who should have had honours didn't. I wish Danny Boyle had accepted a knighthood as the nation's thanks for a fantastic opening to London 2012 - it was richly deserved.

Nearer to home, it was great to see the front page of the Haslemere Herald report three local honours.
Colin Wagstaff founded the King's World Trust for Children, an educational charity that's doing fantastic work in India, and receives an OBE.
Hamish Donaldson is chairman of the Haslemere Festival, and receives an MBE.
Carl Tantum has given years of service to local charities including Bordon Liphook Haslemere Charity which runs the Care charity shops.  He also receives an MBE.

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