22 November 2011

Hampshire Rugby Clubs

Just updated my map of Hampshire Rugby Clubs (link) from the Hampshire RFU handbook for the 2011-12 season.  Changes are:
  • All mainland and IoW clubs that are full members of Hampshire RFU should now have full address and postcode (for SatNav purposes)
  • One missing club (Les Quennevais) has been added
  • I've tried to put them in alphabetical order but can't get this to stick.  Google maps seems to shuffle them back to a random order (or maybe the order of original creation) next time you open the map
I'll do the Channel Island clubs, schools and associate members as soon as I can.  There are a number of new associates, which I've noted but not yet added.  Beeches RFC seems to lack a location so I can't stick it on a map.  Please advise of any other errors or omissions. 

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