10 February 2011

BBC: George VI: The Reluctant King

As the Academy Awards approach, and The King's Speech is thought likely to do quite well, the BBC broadcast a very timely re-showing of the 1999 documentary George VI: The Reluctant King.    It was amazing, inspiring stuff and a great story.  The story was supported by a tremendous array of contributors (some no longer with us), many of whom participated in the actual events.  Only one key witness was missing, and I hope that she didn't find the interpretation of her father's story too inaccurate or distressing.

For me: I thoroughly enjoyed it, BBC at its best.  Sadly it doesn't appear to be available on BBC iPlayer, but it's worth keeping an eye open for another showing.


  1. Yes, such a good programme, excellent to supplement the popular and very watchable film

    But also: please, please, somebody tell me - who wrote the beautiful, haunting music the programme makers used for the backing?

  2. I have emailed the programme makers as I too would love to know the origins of this powerful piece. Awaiting reply.

  3. No idea what the music was. But my home village of Grayshott will no doubt be dancing for joy as Colin Firth scoops the Oscar for Best Actor. http://www.grayshott.com/wordpress/2011/02/28/grayshott-born-colin-firth-crowned-at-the-oscars/

  4. Great news about Colin. Very well deserved.

    If anyone visiting this blog does find out what the music was for The Reluctant King, please don't forget to put it here!

  5. Afraid producers not replied ref music


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