28 November 2010

Bloody hell

Why is it so difficult, even in the age of Google, to find the answer to a simple question such as when I can get blood taken for an NHS blood test ordered by my GP?  Last time, he told me to go to Frimley Park Hospital, on my way to work, so as not to lose half a day's productivity.  Frimley Park reluctantly took the sample, saying I should really have been directed to the new Aldershot Centre for Health.

Now it's time to go again.  The Aldershot Centre for Health looks excellent, judging by the pictures on the web.  It's apparently the largest primary health centre in the UK, according to its nice little brochure that also identifies what floor has what service.  But nowhere can I find the opening hours for the phlebotomy/pathology (blood test) service.  The NHS Hampshire web site has a search facility but searches like 'blood test', 'blood test hours', 'blood test opening', 'pathology', and so on either take you to a list of policy documents, screening information, or the 'What's on site at Aldershot Centre for Health' page - which doesn't give any hours (and also lacks a map).  This really could and should be improved.

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